Day long mini retreat : Cancer Conqueror

The Sycamore's Spirit Healing Retreat, 192 Tipple Rd., Waterville, PA


Cost for the day (includes organic lunch) is $100.00

Saturday, May 16th, 2015 10am-4pm


Are You a Cancer Conqueror? Whether you are battling some form of cancer now, or trying to prevent it from occurring/reoccurring, don't miss this experiential day! What a fabulous line-up we have put together in one place for you to sample multiple strategies in just one day. We will gather from 10:00 am until approximately 4 pm. We will take a lunch break and two 15 minute breaks. If you need further assistance or have special requirements, please call!

Jenny Garrison   , (RN, Kripalu style yoga teacher, author, and Deep Imagery Consultant). Jenny will be speaking as to the therapeutic uses of Guided Imagery in regards to cancer, as well as leading us in a session. She will also guide us in learning gentle stretches and breathing techniques for healing. Jenny has such a sweet, gentle spirit, and it just makes you feel good to be in her presence! We are truly fortunate that she lives in Wellsboro, Pa!

Judith Sornberger,   Ph.D, (Creative Writing and Women’s Studies professor at Mansfield University for 26 years; author). Judith will be sharing with us the importance of journaling for healing, and guiding us through the process so that you can become more comfortable in developing a practice that feels right to you! Judith is a prize winning author of six published poetry collections. She has been an avid journal-keeper for many years, using the process for inner exploration, reflection, and healing.

Sheryl Henkin-Kealey   ,( BS. Ed., Medicinal Aromatherapist, Holistic Nutrition, Certified Holistic Cancer Coach). Sheryl will be sharing information on best dietary approaches to beat cancer. She will also do a juicing demonstration so you can see what juicing really entails. Organic whole foods lunch will be included in the day, incorporating foods that heal.  We really believe this will be remarkable day of learning so many aspects of healing body, mind and spirit! We hope you take advantage of this local partnership.

For information or to register, contact: Sheryl Henkin-Kealey The Sycamore’s Spirit Healing Retreat (570)634-3777