Welcome!   This site will introduce you to my work as a Guide for Inner Imagery, Gentle Yoga, and my newest offering, Yoga with Trees!.  Here you will get a taste of my work with  Deep Imagery, Gentle Yoga, Yoga with Trees, and some simple approaches that can assist you on your own path of discovery. 

"Yoga with Trees" is a delightful guidebook that will deepen your relationship with trees and help you to see them in a new way. Simple illustrations will inspire you to practice gentle yoga poses with the trees.

  "Imagery In You... Mining For Treasure In Your Inner World" is the book I have written about imagery. Everyone has the innate ability to call forth images from inside that can teach and guide us. This book will take you by the hand and help you to engage with and learn from the images that are within you. It can be used as your personal imagery companion. It teaches imagery (looking within and conversing with the beings you meet inside) simply and clearly. The book is your guide.

 I offer workshops to small or large groups where any or all of these avenues of discovery can be explored.




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Imagery In You, Yoga with Trees