Breathing Space Studio, 91 Main St. upstairs, Wellsboro, PA

Hello Friends!  I am writing to let you know about an imagery offering.  THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT! I have wanted to do this for a while, and now is the time to begin, and you are the first people I am sharing this with.   I am going to offer a group imagery session at the studio, Monday Sept 29 at 1pm.  This is open to anyone who has sincere interest.  What happens for the future will be determined by what happens on this day. The name of the event is “Mary’s House”. The imagery will be an invitation to receive messages from Mother Mary or her Associates as they come to you in your individual hearts. After the imagery, we will pass the talking stick and share what we have been given. Sharing is always optional and you are welcome to pass the stick along without talking. I will invite you to give me copies of your messages so I can save them, with the thought of possibly compiling the results of this experiment for publication! Of course sharing this is your decision.   This gathering will intend: No pressure, complete freedom, trust in the beautiful portal we all carry within through our gift of ability to call forth an image. I will plan a loose hour . You may need to leave early if you are coming on lunch break and that is understandable. We will meet at the studio, Breathing Space, over Garrisons Mens Shop. We will allow future sessions to evolve as they need to. You can tell a friend, bring a friend.  If I don’t have enough chairs you can sit on the floor or bring a lawn chair just in case! I will leave a donation box out. There will be no required fee. If you would like to join me in this experiment, please come on Monday Sept. 29 at 1 pm.!   May you bloom and grow, with love, Jenny