The Inner World: Spirituality and Imagery

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Casadaga FLA, Cassadaga, FLA

This 2 hour workshop will open our hearts and minds to exploration of the inner world through imagery. Within each of us there is a well that connects us with our source. From this place, we can invite images to come to us that heal, teach, and inform us about who we really are and the inner beauty that we carry. Sacred imagination becomes the medium that invites intimacy and dialog with our spiritual essence as we open our hearts to receive a visit from Love’s messenger. This workshop is experiential and informal. No previous experience with imagery is needed. The basics will be taught. Sharing is optional.

Presenter Jenny Garrison is a Registered Nurse with certifications from The Academy For Guided Imagery and The International Institute for Visualization Research as a student of Eligio S. Gallegos. Jenny is the author of Imagery In You: Mining For Treasure in your Inner World and the audio CD “Gentle Yoga With Jenny Garrison.” She teaches imagery throughout the U.S. and gentle Kripalu-style yoga in Wellsboro, Pa.