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Every few months, new information and ideas about imagery will be posted here, along with a fresh journey theme for inspiration. I will also post some of your journeys here, so if you would like to submit a journey, you can do that through e-mail or the guestbook. Come back and visit often for ideas and support as you explore and practice your own deep imagery.

Knowing Your Inner World through imagery

Inside… deep in your soul, you are free. No matter the circumstances of your life, no matter the burdens and worries that you carry, there exists within you the fruitful realm of your inner world. Here in the inner world, you are aligned with your unique gifts, your loved ones from the invisible world, and your destiny and calling.

In the 21st century of today, we buzz around in cars and communicate with technology. We buy. We earn. We pay. We schedule. We plan. We think.

Our minds are very busy. Most illness has a strong mental component. Children are not exempt. Mother earth goes too often unloved and unnoticed. And deep within, a whole world of richness and knowing is neither looked upon, nor visited.

An antidote for this modern dilemma is friendship with your body and your inner world. Both are gifts of birth. Our bodies, so miraculous and vulnerable, become in this life the home of our being. Eastern teachings name the body as the temple of our soul.

Our body is an edge, a place of transition, a shoreline between our outer world and our inner world. Our attention is our vehicle of travel. When we turn out attention within, we are in a new world….a world we can come to know intimately through the medium of imagery.

Imagery as a practice becomes a way through which we can explore, discover, and “journey” ~ a way in which our inner world can reveal itself to us. Imagery is holy use of imagination, tethered to the richness of our soul and our Creator.

Our inner world is resplendent with images of the outer world which are given to us upon request when entered into with respect and deep attention.


An Exploration of Your Inner World

A Practice; A Guide


-Quiet your mind.  Relax your Body.

-Breathe in, breathe out. Feel your relationship with Earth through your body and with Air through your breath.

-Invite a guide to come to you from your inner world. Who comes? What do you observe about them? Stay with it. Greet them. Thank them for coming.

-Notice how you feel. Ask your Guide, “Do you have something to show me or tell me?”

-What needs to happen? Ask your guide.  Allow the imagery to unfold. Be honest and respectful. Share your true feelings, questions, and observations with your guide. Listen to what your guide says to you. Perhaps what they communicate is more in feelings than in words and images. Stay with it~ Stay with them. Ask them whether there is something they need from you.

-When your time with your guide seems finished, just make certain by saying, “Is there anything else?”

-Thank them and say “good-bye” in a way that feels right and natural.

-Allow yourself to receive any gift or blessing your inner world has for you.

-Gradually come back to the shoreline between the worlds, your body, your breath, the world around you. Let your senses help you to come back.

You’ll bring with you the gift of your journey. Write it down. Honor it. Work with it.

Inside you are free. Your inner world awaits you. There is no price tag, no password, and no restrictions. Your inner world waits only for your presence and attention so it can shed its light onto the path of your life.